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Taste For Los Al 2023

Indulge in the magic of community and culinary delights at the 22nd Annual Taste for Los Al that draws thousands eager for a night of food, auctions, and entertainment—all for the benefit of Los Alamitos High School boosters! Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, where early birds form lines around the lot to savor the best local restaurant offerings. Larry Strawther, shares the behind-the-scenes hustle, transforming the parking lot into a culinary haven. The silent auction adds an edge, as bids fly for sports and culinary treasures, and attendees mingle with vendors, discovering local gems. Join the journey from swing dancing to the thrilling finale, announcing a whopping $250,000 raised—with $200,000 directly supporting Los Alamitos High School booster clubs. 🥂 Cheers to Taste for Los Al’s success!

The 22nd Annual Taste for Los Al captures the excitement at the Rossmoor shopping center’s backlot parking lot. Hosted by John Underwood for LATV-3, the event benefits the Los Alamitos High School boosters, drawing several thousand attendees eager to partake in food, auctions, and entertainment.

The program highlights the festive atmosphere as people gather early, forming lines around the parking lot. The event features vendors showcasing the best offerings from local restaurants. Interviews with attendees, including long-time supporters and newcomers, emphasize the sense of community and support for the local high school.

Larry Strawther, the chief organizer, shares insights into the extensive pre-planning required to transform the parking lot into a full-service food venue. Booster club volunteers, essential to the event’s success, contribute their time and effort to set up and run concessions.

The silent auction tent adds an element of excitement as attendees place early bids on sports and culinary items. The program features moments of interaction with vendors, providing insights into their offerings and locations. Attendees express their enthusiasm for discovering new restaurants and supporting the community.

The focus shifts to the Los Al High School jazz band’s performances, showcasing their talent and the impact of fundraising on the school’s music programs. Justin Padilla, the music director, discusses the importance of events like Taste for Los Al in supporting the jazz band’s activities, including their upcoming trip to New Orleans.

As the night progresses, the program captures the lively entertainment, swing dancing, and the culmination of the silent auction. The closing moments feature the announcement of last call and the total funds raised, emphasizing the community’s generosity.

In the end, Taste for Los Al proves to be a successful and impactful event, raising over $250,000, with over $200,000 directly benefiting Los Alamitos High School booster clubs. The program concludes with a toast to the event’s success and anticipation for the next year.

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John Underwood

John Underwood is a highly acclaimed community television producer and seasoned professional journalist. With a remarkable career spanning over 13 years, John honed his reporting skills at National Public Radio in Los Angeles. Locally, he made significant contributions as a reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register.

When he's not diligently documenting the struggles of the homeless population throughout Orange County, John serves as the Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television. There, he passionately produces "Backstory," an investigative talk show that fearlessly addresses the most contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series, "No Fixed Abode," is a powerful exploration that amplifies the voices of Orange County's homeless community. John's dedication to storytelling and advocacy has earned him recognition as an award-winning professional in the field.

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