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Weekend of Art | Los Alamitos | 2023

🎨Dive into a vibrant world of creativity at the sixth annual Weekend of Art in Los Alamitos! Over 250 pieces from local artists of all ages and backgrounds were on display, showcasing a kaleidoscope of art forms – from traditional canvases to multimedia wonders like a stage gown and handwoven masterpieces. Hear from a junior from Los Alamitos High School, sharing the inspiration behind her award-winning piece reflecting on life’s challenging moments. Enjoy snippets of live performances and witness the awards ceremony, where artists of all ages were honored for their outstanding contributions. Director Emeline Noda’s inspiring words tie it all together, emphasizing the unity and boundless creativity within our community. 🌈 #WeekendOfArt #ArtisticCommunity #creativityunleashed


The event brought together local artists of all ages and backgrounds to showcase their works, with over 250 pieces on display. The program highlights various forms of art, from traditional canvas paintings to multimedia creations, including a gown designed for a stage production and handwoven objects.

The special features interviews with artists, such as a Long Beach artist recognized for her portrait titled “Portrait of a Woman.” Another award-winning piece is a junior from Los Alamitos High School, who explains the inspiration behind her artwork depicting a moment in life where one feels let down but strives to make a change.

The program explores the diverse range of artwork, from the simplicity of some pieces to the more complex and thought-provoking ones, challenging viewers to interpret their own emotions and fears. It also showcases the involvement of different age groups, including kindergarten and first-grade students participating in the PTA Reflections program.

The special includes snippets of live performances and musical acts that added to the lively atmosphere of the event. It concludes with the awards ceremony, where various artists are recognized for their outstanding contributions. The director of Recreation and Community Services, Emeline Noda, expresses her personal connection to art and encourages artists to continue pursuing their passions.

The overall theme of the program is a celebration of art in its various forms, emphasizing the community’s unity through creativity and self-expression.

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John Underwood

John Underwood is a highly acclaimed community television producer and seasoned professional journalist. With a remarkable career spanning over 13 years, John honed his reporting skills at National Public Radio in Los Angeles. Locally, he made significant contributions as a reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register.

When he's not diligently documenting the struggles of the homeless population throughout Orange County, John serves as the Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television. There, he passionately produces "Backstory," an investigative talk show that fearlessly addresses the most contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series, "No Fixed Abode," is a powerful exploration that amplifies the voices of Orange County's homeless community. John's dedication to storytelling and advocacy has earned him recognition as an award-winning professional in the field.

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