Mary's Kitchen

Crisis at the Gates of Mary’s Kitchen

An impending termination notice issued by the City of Orange to long-standing homeless service center Mary’s Kitchen threatens to close its gates and leave hundreds of the unhoused and hungry on the streets without the daily support Mary’s has provided for decades in Orange...

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Long COVID – The Walking Wounded

In this program we address the emerging chronic medical maladies that remain in some recovering COVID-19 sufferers long after the acute phase of...

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St Isidore Historical Plaza

Operation Pedro Pan

Between 1960 and 1962 over 14,000 Cuban children were spirited out of that country’s revolutionary new communist regime under Fidel Castro. Their stories...

St Isidore 20th Jubilee Highlights

St Isidore Historical Plaza is a revered and cherished cultural center in old Los Alamitos California. The chapel on the grounds is the oldest public building...


No Fixed Abode Part 3 The Lost Ones

Even as law enforcement across Orange County attempts to drive the homeless into hastily conceived and assembled mass shelters, many of the homeless themselves are opting for the streets, the railroad tracks, and the even darker corners of the county to evade the increasingly limited...

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