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John Underwood is an award-winning community television producer and lifetime professional journalist. His experience includes 13 years working for National Public Radio as a reporter in LA. He was employed locally for several years as a contributing reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register. When John is not busy documenting the homeless persons' struggle throughout Orange County, he works as a Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television, where he produces a talk show named Backstory - an investigative program that tackles the contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series NO FIXED ABODE focuses on channeling the voices of the OC homeless.


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  • I am Adriana Arnold from Idaho Falls. Thank you for this amazing interview with Dr Michael Goldberg. He was a God send into my family. I have triplets boys they are 7 years old and back in Dec 2013 was when we met Dr Goldberg for the first time the boys were completely non verbal and with behavioral problems and not potty trained at 4 years old.
    Now after 3 years under Dr Goldberg’s protocol they are talking in full sentences and fully potty trained and doing great in school. I am extremely happy that 2 of my triplets are 70% better and the 3rd one is 100% recovered – he doesn’t have any autistic symptoms anymore. Thank you Dr Michael Goldberg for doing this great job and saving thousands of kids – they can look toward a bright future and not get locked up in a mental institution when they turn into adults.

  • This interview with Dr. Goldberg I found extremely interesting and full of valuable information. I don’t have a autistic child myself but know of several people that do. I have shared this interview with several of those parents, and because of this interview, and Dr. Goldberg’s brilliant mind these parents have a new sense of hope for their children and can’t wait to have Dr. Goldberg begin to work with their children. Thank you Dr. Goldberg for sharing your knowledge and giving these parents a new sense of hope.

  • Thoughts on the interview, in agreement:
    1. Going against the medical system, yes, we understand that! “We should have figured out what those high titers meant and we could have fixed all this.” —MG
    2. Parents called to action: yes!!! We have The Regional Centers of California thanks to parents, and lawmakers working with parents!
    3. Genetically Modified foods might have something to do with it … understandable.
    4. On ABA: I never bought into the modifying behavior techniques. Behavior is communication, and it gives us information. Thank you Dr. Goldberg!
    5. Super vaccinating children with an immature immune system could be dangerous.
    That a significant subset of individuals labeled autistic could be helped by Dr. Goldberg, I have no doubt about that. I also passed along to others the link to the interview. Thank you for this important piece of work!

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