Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare’s The Tempest | 2015

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John Underwood

John Underwood is an award-winning community television producer and lifetime professional journalist. His experience includes 13 years working for National Public Radio as a reporter in LA. He was employed locally for several years as a contributing reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register. When John is not busy documenting the homeless persons' struggle throughout Orange County, he works as a Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television, where he produces a talk show named Backstory - an investigative program that tackles the contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series NO FIXED ABODE focuses on channeling the voices of the OC homeless.


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  • I’ve enjoyed the other Shakespeare Productions you’ve uploaded, but sadly this
    particular one has no audio. Can you try & upload it again?

    • Thanks for letting us know. It is due to a copyright claim from the music used during the play. We will work fix this soon as it was a wonderful play!

        • Not yet, since it requires a re-edit of audio and finding all files/assets, we hope to put this out later this year. We will update the link on this post when that happens. Thanks for the follow-up!

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