Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare’s Hamlet | 2023

Shakespeare’s classic and timeless tragedy of Hamlet is executed here by the Shakespeare by the Sea traveling ensemble of intrepid actors who dedicate their performance season to just two of the Bard’s classics. And they nailed this one. Los Al TV’s John Underwood and crew were there to capture the well-executed production in a setting many of Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be presented- outdoors and before a live and responsive audience. Performed at Rush Park in Rossmoor, California on July 15, 2023, the picnic like setting and open stage formatting gives audiences and actors a unique opportunity to interact, as was also the custom of Shakespeare’s own time.

LATV Crew:

Video Producer – John Underwood
Camera and Technical Support – Jeffrey Whitten

Shakespeare by the Sea | Cast & Crew

Stephanie Coltrin – Director/Co-Artistic Director


Brendan Robert Kane – Hamlet
Patrick Vest – Claudius/Fight Choreographer
Melissa Booey – Ophelia
Cylan Brown – Ghost/Gravedigger/Player King
Gregory Mason Dodds – Polonius
Tara Donovan – Gertrude
Peter Green – Horatio/Composer of Ophelia’s songs
Trevor Guyton – Rosencrantz
Savannah Moffat – Guildenstern
Mateo Mpinduzzi-Mott – Laertes/Player Queen
Melissa Ortiz – Marcellus/Player/Sailor
Alec Yamartino – Bernardo/Osric/Player

Production Team

Suzanne Dean – Co-Artistic Director
Jeffrey Schoenberg – Costume Designer
Cinthia Nava – Sound Designer
Alexa Wolfe – Stage Manager
Kira Sherman – Lighting Designer
Patrick Vest – Fight Choreographer
Peter Green – Composer, original songs
Marine Walton – Scenic Artist
Noé Valenzula – Sound Engineer
Tara Donovan – Managing Director

Thumbnail Photo credit (of Brendan Kane on left): Miguel Elliot IG: @mickeyelliotphotography

About the author

John Underwood

John Underwood is an award-winning community television producer and lifetime professional journalist. His experience includes 13 years working for National Public Radio as a reporter in LA. He was employed locally for several years as a contributing reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register. When John is not busy documenting the homeless persons' struggle throughout Orange County, he works as a Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television, where he produces a talk show named Backstory - an investigative program that tackles the contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series NO FIXED ABODE focuses on channeling the voices of the OC homeless.

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