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Former Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley made some history here in Orange County recently by being the first Democrat in many decades to be elected to the county’s 2nd District supervisorial seat. She comes with a progressive agenda and is not afraid to state it, in interviews with Los Al TV producer John Underwood both before, and after, her election to the seat. In this 45 minute production, Ms. Foley lays out her political trajectory for her first 100 days as OC’s newest county supervisor.

About the author

John Underwood

John Underwood is an award-winning community television producer and lifetime professional journalist. His experience includes 13 years working for National Public Radio as a reporter in LA. He was employed locally for several years as a contributing reporter for OC Weekly and the Orange County Register. When John is not busy documenting the homeless persons' struggle throughout Orange County, he works as a Production Coordinator for Los Alamitos Community Television, where he produces a talk show named Backstory - an investigative program that tackles the contentious issues of the day. His current documentary series NO FIXED ABODE focuses on channeling the voices of the OC homeless.

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