Guidelines for Community Calendar Submissions

Welcome to the LATV Community Calendar!
Your announcements and notifications are an important part of our community service.
Just a few guidelines before you submit:
1) Please present your single page announcement in .JPEG or PowerPoint format if possible.
2) Headers should be no smaller than 40 type font/other text no smaller than 28 type font.
3) Logos and organizational symbols are acceptable, but please, no white backgrounds.
4) Local events & undertakings must be of local community interests.
No personal or commercial ads accepted.
5) Provide additional contact information & requested air dates in an email along with
your attatched PowerPoint flier.
We do not charge for this service, but we do reserve the right to reject any
announcement that is not consistent with LATV-3 policies & guidelines.
Submit to:


Categories of Interest


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